While traveling for work or pleasure, our Pet Nannies are also trusted house sitters. We are happy to check your home, barn, dock, or pool. We will gather the mail, bring in any deliveries, feed the fish, water outdoor flowers and indoor plants. Our Pet Nannies will ensure your home and property are secure.

Each visit is customized to our client's needs and specifications. A report card is always provided after each visit. Text updates with photos and/or videos are available upon request.
We understand first hand, selecting dependable pet care is extremely important.

We are here to help… After ensuring we can be of service, we will coordinate a complimentary meeting with your Peaks Pet Nanny for introductions and to learn your pet's routine.  
Complimentary Services
- Text, Photo & Video Updates

- Written Report Card after each visit

- Fresh Water & Feeding

- Litter Box Scooping & Cleaning

- Winter Wipe-Downs

- Belly Rubs & Ear Scratches

- Administering Medication

- Water Plants & Fetching the Mail

Complimentary Services
- Video, text, and photo updates
- A written report at the end of each visit

- Freshwater and feeding

- Winter Wipe-Downs

- Ear scratches, cuddles, and belly rubs

- Administering Medication

- Fetching the mail and deliveries

- Watering outdoor flowers and indoor plants